Re: Good source for 18650 batteries?

Jorge Garzón

As Jay pointed, I don't remove batteries but havevin mind that I do not have dozens of radios to use. I have a couple of them, a Panasonic RF-2200 and a Grundig Yacht Boy 300, both with batteries always in place. I switch them on at least 15 minutes a month. Everything run smooth with no drainage at all and batteries are still wealthy after a year!!! 

El mar., may. 25, 2021 a 14:10, radiojayallen
<radiojayallen@...> escribió:
For radios I use with any regularity I don' remove the batteries...too inconvenient. I only had the two radios which drained batteries fast while off (they would be down in a few days) were both defective and replacements eliminated the problem, so this shouldn't normally be an issue. With one such radio the audio amp was staying on all the time...the cause of the second one (a PL-990) is yet to be determined but I am waiting for an answer on that from the seller. The replacement PL-990 doesn't have this problem).

To be clear, digital radios do use a small amount of power to keep the clock running but this kind of drain should take a long time to show up so if you use the radio even once a month you shouldn't notice it.


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