Re: FM DXing - Sangean PR-D18 vs CCRadio-2E - Simple Side-by-Side Test

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Hi Johnny, 
Both Sangean, PR-D18 and PR-D19 are excellent performers on FM and very good on MW (AM). The bigger one with two speakers offers a deep and rich sound that fill a room, but because of that is a battery eater, so better use an AC/DC adaptor. Battery life when connecting earphones is much longer then.

Both models have identical performance on both bands despite the size, and both are out of UL and Small Portable categories, strictly speaking. 

As 'Sangeans' their features come into the scene: Very good sensitivity and reliable selectivity. Surprisingly here sensitivity on FM is brilliant and beats easily the CC pocket, being even slightly better than the DT-800. Also selectivity is better than the Sangean average as they offer an useful narrow/wide filter position and 100/50 kHz steps. It is a pity that the whip reaches just 67 cm unfolded and undoubtely with a longer one (100/115 cm), signals would be even better. 

I tested Sangean PR-D19 on MW with excellent results and some of the videos I made can be found in my Yotube channel. I recorded one about its FM performance Vs a big TECSUN S-8800. That was one of the first clips I recorded and my poor skills as a cameraman are noticeable there but I wanted to test both receivers with a close FM txer and two more, a low-powered and one afar.

Have in mind that the TECSUN telescopic reaches 100 cm and PR-D19 reaches just 67 cm. The price of the bigger radio multiplies by three Sangean's. And even more important, I discovered here that even switching off a receiver, the unfolded whip interacts with the unit being tested, so telescopic antennas must be keep apart to avoid a coupling effect. 

¡ Buen DX! 

El mar., may. 25, 2021 a 1:14, Johnny via
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Hi all,
Just picked up a Sangean PR-D18 purely for it's FM reception.
I have to admit that this little radio, while ever so slightly bigger that the true UL definition (very close though), has EXCELLENT FM reception!
I would say that in my recent (very non-professional) tests between the PR-D18 and the CCRadio-2E, the PR-D18 was very equal to the CCrane, with each radio sometimes hearing a few things that the other could not.  

The Sangean definitely was as good as the R-108.
Reminder:  This test was only performed on the FM band as this was my target!!!
  • Sangean PR-D18 - $50-ish USD
  • CCRadio-2E - $160-ish USD
For what it's worth!

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