WNJC 1360 Summertime High-Octane DX Tests

Les Rayburn

The Courtesy Program Committee (CPC) of the NRC & IRCA is pleased to announce that WNJC 1360 kHz in Washington Township, New Jersey will be conducting maintenance tests on their automation systems and other equipment during the summer, resulting in some opportunities for DX’ers to log this station. 

Chief Engineer Duke Hamann sent the following notice regarding the summer schedule: 


Nightly for the entire month. June 1-June 30th starting at Midnight EDT (0400 UTC) for one hour. The Burke Controller will be programmed to switch to daytime pattern and power during that hour. Daytime power is 5,000 watts. 

The test material will consist of a brief voice announcement, followed by nothing but Morse Code ID’s at 800 hz, 900 hz, and 1,000 hz. Most of the CW will be high speed at 25 WPM. 

There will also be plenty of sweep tones, 1,000 hz long duration tones, and off hook sound effects. No music, voice, or other distractions. Similar to the KCUP test earlier this year, it should provide the optimum chance to cut through the summer static. 

WNJC AM Coverage Map


July 1st through 7th. Midnight EDT (0400 UTC) to 5 AM EDT (0900 UTC) “Hybrid” DX Test. Test will be daytime power, 5kw but into an omnidirectional pattern. 

Test material will be limited to CW only at 800 hz, 900 hz, and 1,000 hz along with simultaneous transmission of FT-8 computer mode transmissions. 

FT8 is used by amateur radio operators to communicate over long distances at very low power levels. Receiving it is even easier, and can literally be done by putting a microphone from your computer close to your receiver’s speaker. Using FT8 WNJC was received nationwide and in several countries last year. How to get started, try these tutorials or search Google for “Getting Started in FT8.” 

July 4th Special Test. On July 4th WNJC will conduct a special Independence Day event starting at 8 PM EDT (00:00 UTC) until 6 AM EDT (1000 UTC). 

Test material will consist of voice ID’s, jingles, Morse Code IDs, sweep tones, along with special patriotic music and sound effects. 

To assist in keeping DX’ers informed of last minute changes and to better track receptions of the station during it’s maintenance, CE Hamann has created a Facebook group: 

WNJC DX Test Facebook Group:


QSL’s for the June tests and July 1-7 Tests will be handled by the Courtesy Program Committee of the NRC/IRCA. Our QSL requirements are very specific: 

  • All requests must be submitted via e-mail to: les@...
  • QSL requests must include a recording of the best two minutes of your reception in either .MP3, .WAV, or .MP4 video. No written reports will be accepted for verification. 
  • Requests must be received by August 1st. 
  • Only one QSL per DX’er regardless of how many times you receive the test (s). 
  • If you use a remote SDR or receiver to log the test, we will honor only one QSL per DX’er. No multiple QSL requests. You must clearly state the location of the receiver that you used to receive the station. 

The July 4th Special Test QSL requests will be processed directly by John “Duke” Hamann, Chief Engineer of WNJC. The requirements are: 

  • All requests must be submitted via e-mail to: duxpond.kc2dux@...
  • Only one QSL per DX’er. You may apply for the July 4th Special QSL even if you have already received the test earlier. 


Les Rayburn, N1LF
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NRC & IRCA Courtesy Program Committee Chairman

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