FM DXing - Sangean PR-D18 vs CCRadio-2E - Simple Side-by-Side Test


Hi all,
Just picked up a Sangean PR-D18 purely for it's FM reception.
I have to admit that this little radio, while ever so slightly bigger that the true UL definition (very close though), has EXCELLENT FM reception!
I would say that in my recent (very non-professional) tests between the PR-D18 and the CCRadio-2E, the PR-D18 was very equal to the CCrane, with each radio sometimes hearing a few things that the other could not.  

The Sangean definitely was as good as the R-108.
Reminder:  This test was only performed on the FM band as this was my target!!!
  • Sangean PR-D18 - $50-ish USD
  • CCRadio-2E - $160-ish USD
For what it's worth!

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