Re: Good source for 18650 batteries?

Mark Roberts

Thanks, Jay (and all). I have suspected that for some time. However, I keep reading the glowing reviews of the XHDATA which do not mention this problem at all. When I change out batteries, I do see variations in battery life, but not enough to really solve the problem. I bought my two units about three months apart, from the same reseller in Israel. It's possible that reseller had a bad batch, but it doesn't add up for me.

While a very good radio (AM and FM), the rapid discharging (2 to 3 weeks at most) is very frustrating and I'm about ready to junk the radios. I also have the Digitech AR-1780 (also two units), which is almost the same radio except that it uses ordinary AA cells, and neither unit has the rapid discharging problem.

On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 6:30 AM radiojayallen <radiojayallen@...> wrote:
Beware of battery draining while the radio is off. I have had two radios which did this and in both cases the radios were defective...replacements cured the issue. The test is to take the battery out of the radio and see if it still discharges.

This seems a more likely scenario than several batteries which self discharge on their own,



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