Re: Un -Logging Eurovision Song Contest in MW

kevin asato

where are you located? where are the transmitters? i am not familiar with the callsigns.

my daughter is watching the Peacock streaming  feed that is now/finally available in the US/California

On Fri, May 21, 2021 at 9:03 AM Zacharias Liangas via <> wrote:

This happened yesterday local night at 19z with a double  fast search of 15 minutes im total.    
The only station airing ESC 21 was MRT in 810kHZ  being in // with second ERA program 90 MHz with 1.5 sec delay over Era
I kept the Degen 1103 as the main radio for ERA #2 while I used the R75 and later the PL380 by turning it for possible poorer signals but there was not any other MW station relaying it.
ERA1 was also relaying ESC in // to ERA2 in the past  .
Furthermore local TV reception is now near impossible and used my dummy-phone to watch them A few months ago the all digital TV streams  were limited to trasmit below 700MHZ to  free the remain bandwidth for 5G

Tomorrow is the last and final pasrt and will try once again !

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