Re: Sangean HDR-14 UL HD AM/FM Radio - What do you think?

Jorge Garzón <iberiaDX@...>

Hi Johnny, 
I bought my Sangean HDR-14 nine months ago and I find this model a capable receiver. On MW (AM) is just on the average and better on FM. I cannot add anything regarding HD AM as this choice isn't implemented here in Europe. So FM is the main interest here.

RDS decode is quite good and do it correctly, at least the PS name. Unfortunately the PI decoding is just valid for the USA and Canada (not sure about this latest one) as they use the RDBS data index instead of the WW RDS data index. It's a pity because would be the only ULR/Small Portable that I know with PI decoding capabilities. A real useful DXing tool when implemented! 

This small toy is a Sangean portable and it does mean 'good sensitivity and not bad selectivity' by definition. The receiver will be able to detect weak signals but the inteligibility will be sometimes compromised because of a lack of good selectivity. Audio is OK and good by connecting the earbuds. Size is extraordinary to be carried in the field and directivity can be explored conveniently with the rotating whip. An example of this can be viewed here:

PSE, share your comments on this small one here. Probably mine is one of the few Sangean HDR-14 units in Spain. 

¡73 y buen DX! 
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