Re: Ultralight FM DX'ing - What can a newbie expect?

Dave Hascall

Hi Johnny.

I have been an FM DXer since about 1980 but with the last fifteen or so years limited to spurts of intense tropo or Sporadic E events from the car.

I have tried several barefoot ultralights for DXing the FM band and was less than wowed.  As a caveat, I live in Central Indiana with a very crowded band but when I could get 200 mile tropo easily in the car or a monster Es opening knocking out semi locals, I got nothing on the ULR besides co channel interference.  Hope your experience is better.

That said, I've got a Sony HD receiver buried in a tote that I'm itching to get going again.  Had almost 500 mile tropo on it with simple rabbit ears and Es on an HD2.

Good luck and 73
Dave in Indy (Noblesville)

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