Re: Recent FSL Antenna Experimentation

Gary DeBock

On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 05:33 AM, n2_ss wrote:

Gary, did you ever give any thought to going to a small custom fab shop and getting a quote on a small quantity build of your small design FSL? These kinds of shops specialize in small run custom production. I suspect you would have no problem selling them!


Thanks Tony,

Your suggestion is appreciated, but construction of an FSL requires a lot of diverse skills like PVC pipe gluing, Litz wire coil wrapping and high wattage soldering, not to mention the superglue-stabilized ferrite assemblies and waterproofed variable cap. The supply chain for the components is also pretty convoluted, including Russian surplus ferrite rods from the Ukraine, Litz wire from China and the variable cap from the USA. The tricky supply chain, painstaking construction and high cost components have probably all contributed to the rarity and high demand for the antennas.


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