Re: 96.3 OFM 209km D-808 with yagi aerial


Yagi's offer antenna gain but they also have the benefit of directionality.

Verticals (whip)s are omnidirectional) and offer no opportunity to null out.  Dipoles have a figure-eight pattern and have two opportunities per rotation for nulling.  Yagi's have a cardioid pattern and so are unidirectional giving the best opportunity for nulling.

If anyone is having trouble with pest stations on or near the frequency of interest, a yagi might be the solution depending on the relative directions of the two stations. 

If the yagi overloads the Rx, an attenuator is a simple construction.

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Hi Peter, 
Could you provide more info about that use of a yagi with the little D-808, and your overall opinion of the results? 

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