Re: Sangean DT-800

Johnny <jlochey@...>

Love it!  Zoot!

I'll be using soon!

To me it sounds like it could be used instead of "sweet" or "awesome"?

Also, I have performed some VERY informal tests pitting my DT-800 against my CCrane Skywave, Sihuadon R-108 and Tecsun PL-310ET, and found the DT-800 to be able to really "hold it's own" against these other radios and the DT-800 was able to "hear" most of the same things (95%?) on AM that these other radios could, surprisingly.  FM was almost as good, but the R-108 is pretty hard to beat on FM.

PL-310ET had to go back to the shop and will be replaced by a PL-330 (in transit).

Thanks all!


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