Re: Headphones?

Jorge Garzón

Fortunately earphones and earbids have evolved for the better these latest years. Any earbuds with different sizes of silicon caps are giving very good results and some of them give a rich sound with deep bass and crystal trebble frequencies. I found Sony MDR-EX series very good ones and the EX110 a good choice. At a unbeatable price you enjoy the power of FM musical stations and a full balanced sound when listening to AM band. 

The Crane earbuds included with CCrane Pocket radio is by far the best of this little pocket radio. Gives a rich sound with different size of silicon caps. They are sold by Crane as a reference apart.

For hardcore DX and weak or noise signals I trust my Beats EP earphones, a real gem that I use to enjoy classical and electronic music or when I am mixing on the local radio. Listening to the music with a pair of these is another level of pleasure.

Some time ago I abandoned the idea to have three/four 'ear-devices' for each listening activity. The simplest (and good quality) the best.

Beats EP:

Good listening!

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