Re: Sangean DT-800

Jorge Garzón

Hi Johny and Emily, 
I am a proud owner of a Sangean DT-800, also of a Sangean DT-250 and an CC Crane Pocket. I bought this latest one because I saw one of the reviews made by the American Youtuber 'Todderbert' and the comments written on his channel board. 

Sangean DT-250. By far the most sensitive ot the three on MW with an useful volume knob and easy to use. Basic function and good audio, very good with earphones. A pity that it does not have a narrow/wide position to get a better selectivity. Good FM sensitivity and tricky selectivity, but able to work decently tropo, more difficult with e-Skip because of the selectivity. No RDS decoding. The best balance price/features, no doubt! 

Sangean DT-800. I do agree with you. (Almost) a real gem. Nice, solid, with rubber sides that avoid slipperies and add security when on hand. Quite good sensitivity (not as good as DT-250 but very close indeed) and a good selectivity (Narrow/wide). Unbeatable audio, deep and rich despite the small speaker. The only MW weakness is the LCD screen induced noise when radio signal is absent. When a signal (even weak one) is present, the LCD noise is almost non audible, but without signal at all, the inner circuit takes the screen radiated noise. It seems the pocket radio lacks an effective internal screening. It is not coming from the backlight, but the LCD itself. On FM is outstanding: able to change steps (100 kHz, 50 kHz), mute squelch on/off, and outstanding stereo audio with earphones. Unfortunately, volume control is 'up and down' buttons which is not as good as a wheel, giving less volume on MW that its little bros DT-250. Have also in mind that the DT-800 includes RDS decoding, which is just perfect for FM DXing. 

CC Crane Pocket. It has some better features (in my opinion) than DT-800. Volume control is the usual wheel, with a slight higher volume; it shows the MW narrow/wide filter (2,5 / 4 kHz) and the LCD screen can be disconnected to avoid induced noise. Unfortunately the different buttons combinations to select filters and other options are tricky and less than intuituve, with no labels on them or aside to remember functions. Slight lesser sensitivity than the DT-800 and almost the same selectivity, but the background noise of the pocket radio on MW is unbelievable high, killing most of the weak signals when DXing TA stations. A real pity and a weakness regarding the other two little Sangeans. Also, the LCD induced noise is noticeable (as in DT-800) even with the screen disconnected. Very good on FM but unfortunately no RDS decoding. 

I am still trying to understand how Todderbert review of the CC Crane Pocket gives it almost the consideration of the 'king of the DXing pocket radios' and his DT-800 review place this one in a lower position in a DXing ranking. Unbelievable!! 

I will publish soon in the IberiaDX blog a comparative "DT-800 Vs CC Crane Pocket" as I have made video recordings with both managing local, weaks and even TA signals. 

I have also seen a video (can't remember where now) with an easy way to screen internally both DT-800 and CC Crane Pocket with self adhesive copper film. The author claimed that after that add-in, the LCD noise almost dissapeared completely! 

¡73 y buen DX!

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