Re: XHDATA-808 & the AR-1780

Paul Blundell

I guess the flip side of this is that we could limit the aerial size / type but allow any type of radio.
To me, the challenge is in pushing the radio to its limits, sometimes this is just the radio, other times I use my 3" FSL. 

The line is that we have two classes, barefoot which is JUST the radio and unlimited which allows external aerials. 

On Sun, May 2, 2021 at 10:44 PM Troy Riedel <troy.riedel@...> wrote:

> Things like the AR-1780 are not included because they are a few cubic sentimeters too large, but five or ten pounds of ferrite rods, and multi hundred strand wire,
> that far exceed the size and weight of the radio are OK. 

Bingo, you hit the nail on the head [for me]!

I understand the need to have a "line" (criteria), but there is no "line" for what is attached in the form of enhancement - antenna - & that always seemed contradictory to me (a radio like the D-808 that is .76 cubic inches above the "line" - which confirms a contradiction as some EXclude while others INclude).

I subscribe to this list because I enjoy reading everyone's logs and reports of what they capture - I find it interesting.  Some inspire me to strive for the same - the posts of people using the same or similar radio.  The fact I'm not using a wheeled cart or milk crates to transport or move my [ultralight radio] antenna does not detract from the interest I have of reading that someone captured a medium wave signal across the ocean.  That's a "wow".  But the latter is not me - and that's perfectly fine - to each, his or her own.

But I'd never post my logs and I would never go for an award or a record because of my confusion (contradictions).  But that's fine, too.  I get inspired from this list.  And I have a spreadsheet with my own personal "hall of fame" within my bald head ;-)  My set-up is probably the equivalent of a Smart Car - I just can't compare what I do to someone using a racecar or a tractor trailer especially through a blurry lens when some include while others exclude the same "car".

I really appreciate the open discussion.  Cheers to all ... and keep DX'ing, use whatever you want, and get others involved (I'm trying to inspire my 30-something son to get into the hobby)!


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