Re: XHDATA-808 & the AR-1780

Paul Blundell


Nobody is saying that you can't use any radio you want in anyway you want. I have owned an AR1780 and also found it to be a very good radio.

For the group awards and challenges we have the guidelines, if we don't have a cut off at some point, we would have "scope creep" and have people using Icon R9500 as "ultralight radios".

Personally, any and all portable radios to me are okay to discuss on here.

On Sun, 2 May 2021, 17:51 Gord Seifert, <gks61711@...> wrote:

   Jorge, those receiver classifications make a lot more sense to me than the overly restrictive ones used here. Things like the AR-1780 are not included because they are a few cubic sentimeters too large, but five or ten pounds of ferrite rods, and multi hundred strand wire, that far exceed the size and weight of the radio are OK.
   I actually have an AR-1780 as well as a Tecsun 310et and an Eton Satellit Grundig Edition (also likely too large to qualify as an ultralight). The 1780 is the best of the three in reception in a number of ways. And because it DOES have SSB, and a great fine tuning feature, I can listen to things the Tecsun has no chance at and the Satellit is nowhere near stable enough to receive.
   I do have one of the FSL antennas. I don't mean to put them down at all. It is wonderful! But I just don't understand sticking to a strict classification of ultralights when something slightly bigger just works better.


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