Re: One Of My Favorite/Most Unexpected AM Logs This Winter

Paul Blundell

It is always great to hear about your adventures and Loggings.

On Sun, 2 May 2021, 03:29 Paul B. Walker, Jr., <walkerbroadcasting@...> wrote:

I know ,with DXing, you have to expect the unexpected.. but sometimes, theres stuff, areas of the country you just don't expect to hear.. and even if I were to hear way over to the east coast of the US from Alaska, I'd expect to hear WBZ, KDKA or one of the other big guns.

No, CFAJ 1220 St Catharines, Ontario.. that is my farthest east catch from my McGrath, Alaska QTH Thursday February 11th at 1026pm AK Time (Fri . Feb 12 at 226am Eastern)

Listen to this clip.. that Barbara Streisand tune thats pretty strong and in the clear is CFAJ. How do I know? Listen to the very end as the signal gets weaker.. "Another hour of great music on 1220 CFAJ St Catharines, Niagra"

ALL with the CC Skywave & The DeBock 5" FSL Antenna!

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