Re: SDRs

DX Pedro

To each it’s own. I do t own and sdr, but I’m planning on it. I think they both can be fun, but in different circumstances.
I’ve just recently came across the concept of ULDx, and I’m  not looking back. Exception made maybe (emphasis) with the PL-680 and sdr (yet to be bought) and a desktop receiver made by myself.
So yeah, both fun but different ball games.

On Wed, 28 Apr 2021 at 01:55 William Ode <ode13287@...> wrote:
Are there any out there that are using an SDR as an aid? 
Also, what is your opinion about using a low-cost SDR as an ultralightdx Radio? 
the cost of several Radios and Dongles for computer s is now in the $80 range

// pedro andrade

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