Re: Your current "personal" radio DX challenge?

Paul Blundell

For the past year I have been running a long term DX project, that is done now so about to start planning my next one, once we finish moving house next week.

On Sat, 1 May 2021, 03:34 John Lochey via, <> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm back to DX'ing after years away and kind of doing a "restart" of the hobby so to speak, now that the kids are older and I have a *tiny* bit more time...  :)

Question:  What is your current "personal" radio DX challenge/goal?  Maybe none?  Maybe one?

I set the bar low for myself, with 10 US states heard (AM).  That's my summer goal.  Might be hard, might be easy.  But an easy "win" won't make me sad either!  LOL!

I'm in Michigan (USA), so I can knock out Ohio, Indiana and Illinois in about 5 mins!  ;)

What're you "challenging" yourself with right now?  Anything?  Antennas?  Other?

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! 

We're pumped here in Michigan because we might actually get sun AND warmth at THE SAME TIME here in Southern Michigan this weekend! 

Hard to imagine!  ;)


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