Re: Couple new radios on the way!!!

DX Pedro

Just one question: what were, if any, the contenders against the ccrane?
Anyhoo, sounds like a lot of new fun coming up! :)
// pedro andrade

On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 3:11 PM John Lochey via <> wrote:
Hi all,

As new radio purchases are always exciting and difficult to explain to "non-radio" people, I thought I'd share with the group.

New additions to my UltralightDX team are:
  • C.Crane Skywave - Love it!  Just got it yesterday, so still learning it
  • Sangean DT-800 - On the way, but seems nice
  • A Vonidor cheap AM/FM "old school" radio - Vonidor
  • A PowerBear cheap AM/FM "old school" radio - PowerBear
  • Also purchased a rotatable turntable to use with my Tecsun AN-200 loop antenna

Thanks for sharing my excitement!  :)


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