MW report



0725 CEST

1305 Bilbao clearly dominant.
Bilbao also lear on 990 khz.

0745 CEST
729 khz discussion about corruption in Castilla y Leon (hence Valladolid); later with daylight fading increasing one or two stations emerged or briefly took the lead but there was not enough evidence for me to conclude about their identity.

At 0110 UTC there was Studio X from Italy on 1188 khz, and live baseball on 1500 khz. It would point to a station in Saint Paul MN
but it is odd since T/A was almost impractical at the time with 1010 and 1130 only audible at short intermittent moment. But the
usual user of 1500 here (WFED Washington DC) is not a sports format, by far.

Investigation under way.

Buenos DiasĀ 

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