Re: Moving Home and Loggings

Paul Blundell

Thanks. I will see how the FM band goes.

On Thu, 22 Apr 2021, 17:54 Jorge Garzón via, <> wrote:
I think Peter is right! I use my Grid locator to keep my ham activity 'under the rules'. My SWL time is something more relaxed. On LW/MW/SW I am still using my QTH Grid Loc but when I am listening away (but close in the valley or in the surroundings) I will associate my records to this QTH. Most of the times the only changing condition is local QRM and perhaps some local orography details affecting to local transmitters. 

This is different on VHF/FM Band II/DAB Band III as records just 1 km away (with a different horizon, altitude or landscape), can be dramatically differents. I have, as you show us sometimes, fixed listening spots to make comparisons, take beamings and so on... 

But actually, it depends on your interests and goals. Keeping the ULR side of the hobby is the way. 😉

Good luck and stay safe! 

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