Re: Ten more stations turn off Medium Wave services


BBC AM closures have been sneaking up on us for some time.

We tend to listen to the radio when moving about, doing things,
so a good signal for a portable radio is essential.

Apparently, BBC Radio Devon will remain on 801 and 990kHz.
Is this confirmed?

Maybe somebody above the glass ceiling amazingly realises
that there are many locations where FM or DAB is not available...

Being tied to a roof aerial and living-room socket for FM or DAB
is not an option for radio!

Here's  hoping...

Michael UK

On 15/04/2021 15:15, Steve Whitt wrote:

The stations are mostly lower power local MW stations with good FM/DAB coverage.

The exception is BBC Ulster which is high power on 1341kHz and coverage into England,

Scotland and Irish Republic (where FM/DAB is not an option). I’ve tried to confirm that this is leaving the air

no one I’ve spoken to yet at the BBC can confirm.


1341kHz comes with 100kW  from Lisnagarvey with its famous Blau-Knox antenna mast.





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