ParkRXing Program

Paul Blundell

*** A few years ago I tried to get this program off the ground, now that COVID-19 is becoming less of an issue (in this part of the world), does much interest exist in getting this happening again? ***

ParkRXing is an awards program for anybody interested in the radio hobby, which encourages portable operation in parks and similar areas.


ParkRXing has been designed to make participation possible for anybody interested in the radio hobby. The rules are very simple and the awards have been designed to be achievable. The purpose is to encourage portable operation in parks and other similar locations, making the radio hobby more public and allow radio hobbyists to enjoy the great outdoors.


How do I start?

Get out in a local park with your radios and log what you hear, it really is that simple. A log file is available for download on this site.



These rules are simple and have been designed to enhance the enjoyment of this awards program and ensure fairness.


1) All ParkRXing activity must take part in a public park, lookout, beach, mountain top or other such public location. All equipment must be portable and carried by the participant to their operating location.


2) No ParkRXing activity is permitted on private property for award purposes.


3) 5/10/15 rule:

- You must walk a minimum of 5 metres from any motorised mode of transport for a valid ParkRXing activity.

- You must log a minimum of 10 frequencies for a valid ParkRXing activity.

- You must remain in your location for a minimum of 15 minutes for a valid ParkRXing activity.


4) All frequencies must carry voice traffic. Data / paging frequencies are not permitted for award purposes.


5) All HF/VHF/UHF frequency bands are all permitted for award purposes.


6) Each location may only be counted once in a 48 hour period for award purposes.


7) Each frequency may only be counted once per location per ParkRXing activity.


8) All decisions of the ParkRXing administrator are final



Each frequency logged counts for 1 point, bonus points are awarded for the first ParkRXing activity at each location (to encourage ParkRXing activity from different locations.) This adds 25 points to your tally.


Logging Process:

Below is an example of a valid log.



Certificates will be emailed to all participants on the receipt of a valid log for the achievement levels below:

15 Activities

30 Activities

50 Activities

100 Activities


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