TA loggins this morning

Jorge Garzón <iberiaDX@...>

Propagation is being generous with our beloved ULR. This morning I could get the following (before going thru recordings made):

QRGITUStation, locationDetails, remarksDistance
Received by/in
2021-04-0805171440USAWWCL Radio Vision Cristiana, Lehigh Acres (FL)Canciones cristianas en SS. , Sangean DT-250. //Streaming. Mezclada con WRED y otras USA.7055 by ULR DX/DX de bolsillo. , EA1036swl · Toranzo (IN83ag). (E)
2021-04-0805191440USAWRED 96.3 The Big JAB / SportsRadio WJAB, Westbrook (ME)Cx deportivos entre OM. , Sangean DT-250. //Streaming. Mezcla con R. Visión y otras USA.5208 by ULR DX/DX de bolsillo. , EA1036swl · Toranzo (IN83ag). (E)
2021-04-0805371690USAWPTX 1690 AM WPTX, Lexington Park (MD)The Lady in Red por Chris De Burgh. ID. , Sangean DT-250. Batiburrillo NA.5942 by ULR DX/DX de bolsillo. , EA1036swl · Toranzo (IN83ag). (E)
2021-04-0805481620CUBRadio Rebelde, Guantánamo/CTOM3 (gu)Mx cubana El disgusto del bigote. , Sangean DT-800. //5025 kHz. Otras NA. Fading rápido.6992 by ULR DX/DX de bolsillo. , EA1036swl · Toranzo (IN83ag). (E
With today's log I get a new record for my Sangean DT-250 pocket radio with more than 7.000 km and 6.992 km for Sangean DT-800 pocket radio. Both are much better receivers than CC Pocket, unfortunately more noisier than both Sangeans! 

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