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Jorge Garzón <iberiaDX@...>

Thanks to all of you, folks!
Yes, I am glad to experience this with such a small receiver. Both Sangeans (DT-250 and DT-800) are outstanding devices! 
Well, I had extraordinary records with my DEGEN DE1103 when I was trying the Ross DX Challenge (as you know this portable is slightly bigger that 20" sq, being actually 29 sq inches.) But for us in Europe this is still a small portable one. With it, I got (>9.000 km):
1557 RFA Kouhu TWN 300kW 12.11.2020 (10.651 km)
1470 Radio Felicidad Lima PRU 25kW 16.11.2020 (9.609 km) 
920 RN de Paraguay AM Asunción 100kW 16.11.2020 (9.377 km) 
1377 CNR1 Xingyang 600 kW 13.11.2020 (9.263 km) 
1700 XEPE Heraldo R. Tijuana 10 kW 16.11.2020 (9.189 km)

That gave me some points to think of... 
Firstly, we depend 'yes or yes' on the propagation. I have experimented from extremely weak signals even not modulated ones affected by deep and quick fading, to strong ones easily listeneable. Also extremely short openings (seconds and even just bursts) to steady periods of hours, rarely. Openings can bring alive to our 'small devices' and close band keeps (even) SDR deaf! 
Secondly, which is the real value of an ULR DX record well equipped with external antennae? The FSL antenna is a real gem (now assembling my first one) and the Tecsun AN-200 loop is extremely good, both coupled by induction. What about if I choose to couple a MiniWhip or a W'brook 1530LN? Is it still an ULR DXing or not? An Ultralight radio or a small portable with these big antennae it isn't longer a small radio, or it is? Should be considered an ULR/small portable DX just  listenings made with ferrite built-in? Just a reflection to share and perhaps a box to open and discuss... 
Is there any kind of score log for ULR/small portable records? In case not, why do not start with a first one? 
73 y buen DX. 

                              El lun., abr. 5, 2021 a 20:16, Paul S. in CT

<dxrx@...> escribió:
The CKPC and WWRU logs are excellent reeception.
CKPC 25kW 5690km
WWRU 10kW 5640km (actually the 'better' catch because of lower power)

Both over 3500 miles.

Paul S. in CT

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