Re: Best Ever AM Log!

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

ABC TV's "News Breakfast" will have me on at 6:35AM AEST Tuesday which is 12:35PM AK time Monday.

You can’t watch a live stream of the show outside Australia but I’m told I’ll get a recording of the segment emailed to me after the fact at some point 


On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 1:01 PM Paul B. Walker, Jr. <walkerbroadcasting@...> wrote:
My best AM log ever: 7ZR 936kHz Hobart, Tasmania 8000 miles/13,000km away from McGrath, Alaska. 10KW/2 tower pattern, protecting a 936kHz in New Zealand. It's the only "ABC Local Radio" formatted station in the entire country on 936kHz.

Heard on Wednesday March 24th. In my first clip, there's no mistaking those time pips and ornamental monumental Top Of Hour fanfare for anyone else. 1400UTC/6AM AK time audio:

6 minutes later at 1406UTC/606AM AK Time, you hear a lady begin with the weather mentioning a flood warning and a river and at 24 seconds you hear Laura Beavis say, "ABC Radio Hobart" just to confirm if there was any doubt what I heard(and there was no doubt. Audio:

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