Re: Building a FSL antenna

Gary DeBock

On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 12:12 AM, Jorge Garzón wrote:
I am still waiting for the Litz wire. I ordered 50" and I will use 40" to be winded on the antenna. Is that right, Gary?
Hello Jorge,

As long as 50" means 50 feet, and 40" means 40 feet, you will be fine with those lengths! I know that inches are not used in Spain, so I'm pretty sure that you meant "feet" instead of inches.

Since FSL antennas have become very popular around the world I've tried to switch all my own measurements over to metric, but since American stores still sell measuring tools with the old system, it's a challenge! :-)

Thanks for your photo-- it looks great!

73, Gary

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