Re: The curiosity bug has bitten me . . .


Many tuned passive air core loops have direct connection jack which are attached to smaller sensing loops within the area of the main windings and these are designed for direct connection to radios with antenna input jacks. However, I have never found these to put out a very strong signal. For experimentation, if you have a radio with both a ferrite rod and an antenna input jack and compare the two modes you will usually get much more gain using induction than via the direct connection. The only time I have had good results with the direct connection is when the loop has an amp...I have a PK loop configured this way and it works well. In addition to the fact that the sensing loop is not as effective as a ferrite rod at receiving an induced signal, the radio often has less gain on AM at the antenna jack to prevent AM overload - some radios have attenuation at the jack or they have an extra gain stage for the ferrite rod which is not applied to the antenna jack.

So it seems there is still the possibility to use some sort of amplifier arrangement with the FSL's but since FSL's are so different than air core loops this is totally new territory and maybe experimentation will tell us more. I applaud those who a willing to put in time and effort for this.


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