Kmart AM/FM Radio - Review - March 2021

Paul Blundell

Recently I was given a small $9 AM/FM radio, this is from Kmart but does not have a model number listed.
Below is some information from the Kmart website. 

“This portable AM/FM pocket radio lets you listen to your favourite stations throughout the day. With clear sound playback, you can choose to listen through the built-in speaker or headphone jack.

Product Details

·       Dimensions/Size: 5.6cm (L) x 11.5cm (H) x 2.6cm (D)

·       Colour: Black

·       Battery information: Requires 2 x AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)


·       Supports both AM and FM broadcasts

·       Telescopic antenna

·       Built-in speaker and earphone jack

Additional Information

·       Warranty: 12-months”

From my testing so far it works as well as I would expect from a sub $10 radio. It runs off 2 x AAA batteries. The right hand side panel has the AM/FM switch, ear phone jack and the volume / off control. The front panel has the speaker at the bottom and the tuning knob at the top. This has two scales, the top is for the AM band and the bottom is for the FM band. The tuning knob is a little weird to use and has a small amount of play, the smallest bump will knock it off station. I spent some time last night tuning around both the AM and FM bands.

On AM, its performance was acceptable, I was able to log a mix of Tasmanian, Victorian and NSW stations after dark. The signal levels were good and even with the analogue tuning, I was able to separate the stations.

On FM, I was able to log all the normal high power broadcast stations, I did try to log the three lower power city based translators, one was a faint trace but the other two were missing. The tuning on this was again sensitive and it was hard to get it in just the right spot.

Overall for a sub $10 radio, I didn’t expect much but would this was more than suitable and it is a good addition to my radio kit.

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