Re: The curiosity bug has bitten me . . .


I have worked with Guy on that design and on some of the tests to use an SDR or communications receiver with an FSL. Also, I had Andy of Wellbrook make me and Guy a special 72:1 winding FLG100LN antenna module  with 23db gain to see if we could get enough signal and a broadband enough response to be usable. While all those experiments worked to some degree, none were satisfactory to use as an end product. So, at this point an FSL antenna is still a proximity device. Some have used a turn or two around the coil of an existing FSL connected to a receiver, but that didn't work as well as the 72:1 module with the 23db gain amplifier in it. At this point, further progress seems to be at a stalemate and most who use an FSL do so with portable radios because of it's compact, go anywhere size and versatility.


Dave Aichelman     N7NZH     Grants Pass, Oregon

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