Re: 1413 MDA Vesti FM with ID barefoot PL-360 received in Botswana

Gary DeBock

On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 11:46 PM, Peter 1956 wrote:
Thanks Gary,
Yes, i've read your HK report, I noticed you got Vesti FM. Your mystery 648 might be Botswana but not enough to go on.
The PL-360 loopstick is a tad smaller than 7.5'' :)
My reception was in a ground floor room.


Thanks Peter,

In Hong Kong i was actually looking for 648-Nepal, although I would have taken 648-Botswana in a heartbeat :-)

The problem with DXing in Hong Kong is that you have a zillion China stations blocking almost all frequencies, including some obnoxious Jammers directed at Taiwan. I even had a challenge tracking down a single Japanese station (729-JOCK)!

73, Gary


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