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The graveyard channels in the USA are 1230, 1240, 1340, 1400, 1450 and 1490 khz

On these frequencies these stations can run a maximum power of 1000 watts

In earlier years ie back in the 60s - I think their max power was 250 watts

I got curious one day and made the chart above. I believe it to be
accurate. The six channels listed are the "Local" channels a/k/a
Class C. 250 -1000 W, unlimited time (i.e., not "Daytimers"

There used to be 100-W stations and those are apparently grandfathered
at that power level, but if you want to start a new station -- and
really, wouldn't we all want to? -- it would have to be at least 250
W. 1000 W if you actually want listeners. :)

In AK/HI/PR/VI these are Class B channels, so 250 W to 50 kW.

There is a link at the page above to the FCC's site that has more details.

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