Ultralight Radio DXing Go Case - March 2021

Paul Blundell

I have recently updated and improved my "Ultralight Radio DXing Go Case". As my radio collection has increased, I have needed to find a suitable way to carry my radios while still providing them with a good level of protection.

I ended up placing my 3" FSL at one end and using a piece of pine to divide this off, to the top of this I have attached a small piece of foam wrap, this goes over the top of my 3" FSL and provides some extra protection to this.

On the left hand side, I have added some dividers to keep my radios in place, this is thick cardboard which has been wrapped in duct tape, this is about the best tradeoff I could make for weight / protection. I also have my earphones, spare batteries, log sheets and notebook on this side. As my radio collection increases, I can keep adding more dividers as needed.

Overall, I am very pleased with how well this case has come out, I am able to carry and store multiple radios, log sheets, pens, notes, spare batteries and ear phones, everything I need for portable sessions. It is also small enough to fit in my backpack. For $30 it provides a great level of protection. 

While this case was designed for ultralight DXing the same ideas could be used for amateur radio, radio scanning or any other radio storage need.



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