Re: NEW LOG: Rhema Radio 1251kHz

Paul Blundell

Great logging Paul, I love reading about what you are able to log.


On Mon, 15 Mar 2021, 10:23 Paul B. Walker, Jr., <walkerbroadcasting@...> wrote:
The 5000 Watt Auckland transmitter for Rhema Radio on 1251khz made the 7100 mile/11410km journey to McGrath, Alaska on Sunday March 14th between 1545 and 1605UTC. I had some music that sounded like english language music.. just starting to bubble up slightly above the noise. Pulling up the Rhema stream, it sounded like a cadence match but I couldn't be for absolute sure, but the only other english language 1251 was in Australia and running all talk at the moment, I certainly had music here.  

About 1703UTC give or take I had a fade up of accented english reading a weather.. I grabbed my phone and hit play on the Rhema stream and had a MATCH with weather playing on the stream about 45 seconds later as I stood outside at -5F below.  (amazing considering I was using wifi on my phone thats connected to satellite internet.. amazing that the delay was only 45 seconds!)

Paul Walker
McGrath, Alaska
CC Skywave & DeBock 5" FSL Antenna

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