Re: Australian English Assistance Needed--Again

Gary DeBock

On Sat, Mar 13, 2021 at 09:25 PM, Chris Rogers wrote:
Hi Gary,
I had a good listen and near the start of the recording there is an ad from what I can make out for beer prices that mention Four X beer which is a Queensland Beer. That would be more than likely from 4KZ, however around 5.44 there is mention of New South Wales which would be more like from 2PM. There is other words heard at times but nothing conclusive, the mixing up and down so it is difficult to make out, despite the signal strength as no station is really dominating. I note the absence of the usual dominating NZers this trip?
Hi Chris,

Thanks for listening to this wild 531 clip, and for your comments! Yes, tolerating something like this wacky recording for 11 minutes is above and beyond the call of duty.

Your report of Queensland's "Four X Beer" advert in the beginning of the clip is interesting, and I'm sure that both 4KZ and 2PM have their dominant moments during this wild mix, which might explain the "New South Wales" mention at 5:44. One of the problems during this recent trip was discovering that both 4KZ and 2PM are capable of playing Oldies music in their formats, resulting in a identity nightmare for Yankee DXers unfamiliar with Oz English. 2PM did indeed stick with the SRN's "traditional" call-in talk format most of the time, but I have recorded at least one 2PM clip where a "Radio 531" and "Super Radio Network" ID is followed by "Georgy Girl" by the Seekers.

In the absence of any other information I will assume that the Four X Beer ad came from Queensland, and appreciate your help. During this trip the Kiwi 531 kHz regulars (PI and More FM) pretty much got "kicked off the cliff" in favour of 2PM and 4KZ. There is a question whether 531-More FM is still broadcasting from Alexandra-- I certainly didn't hear any trace of it last week, which was unusual.

Thanks Again<


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