Re: Australian Assistance Needed-- "Radio 531"

Gary DeBock

On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 09:19 PM, Chris Rogers wrote:
Hi Gary,
That is not 4KZ, but 2PM Kempsey. Good catch. can't hear it at my house because it is blocked by 3GG which is only 40k's down the road.
You are right at 34 second mark it says Radio Five Thirty One and at 43 seconds  "on the super radio network" which comes from 2SM
Thanks Chris,

Your help is greatly appreciated, Neither of the eastern Australian 531 kHz stations (4KZ or 2PM) shows up very much at the "Kiwi Cliff" in Oregon in August, when I usually chase DX from your direction. It seems like in March the "Kiwi Cliff" has morphed into the "Oz Cliff," with 531-2PM and 4KZ kicking More FM and PI into the drink.



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