Re: Australian Assistance Needed-- "Radio 531"

Paul B. Walker, Jr.


Email 4KZ GM Al Kirton, al@... directly

He’s very dxer friendly and will at least say it isn’t then if it’s not then


On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 2:42 PM Gary DeBock via <> wrote:
This strong 531 kHz Australian station with an oldies music format was received at 1441 UTC on March 3 at the Rockwork ocean cliff during a sunrise session, and features an ID, "Radio Five Thirty One" at 34 seconds. Later on at 43 seconds there is another network ID, "on the ________ radio network." (it sounds like "civil radio network")

Does anyone in Oz know whether 531-4KZ has started IDing itself as "Radio Five Thirty One?" This station's format matches the long-tern format of 4KZ, but previously 4KZ identified itself as on the "KZ" network, and the network ID at 43 seconds certainly doesn't sound like "KZ" any more. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated-- thanks!

Gary DeBock
DXing at the Rockwork 2 Ocean Cliff (near Manzanita, OR, USA) from March 3-6

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