Re: XHDATA D-808 Squelch Capability

Gary DeBock

Thanks Dave,

<<<   You observed that “In the Squelch mode you can also toggle the Squelch speed by short pressing the Tuning knob to switch between “Off, Fast and Slow””.
On my example a short press in of the tuning knob toggles between Off, Fast and Slow tuning (not squelch), e.g. on SW Fast = 5KHz steps, Slow = 1KHz steps, Off = 0KHz steps (i.e. tuning knob inoperative). This is as described in the manual and works the same regardless of squelch setting.   >>>

You are absolutely correct-- a short inward press of the D-808's tuning knob toggles between fast, slow and locked tuning-- and does this on all bands, with the current status of this setting shown in the center right area of the display after the frequency readout. This function has no relation to Squelch, and the full D-808 review article at the following link has been corrected and updated

The confusion over the D-808's Squelch capability was related to the total lack of any information on the subject in my 10 page, tiny-print owner's manual. There are apparently some D-808 owner's manuals that are more detailed and include information on this subject, but it's pretty obvious that providing highly detailed and informative owner's manuals was not  a top XHDATA priority. Even the "economy model" Radiwow R-108 (from the same company) has a fairly decent 23-page owner's manual.

<<<   BTW, impressed that you've disassembled and inspected 12 samples of this radio - that's probably more than the manufacturer :)   >>>

Thanks! Actually the Navy electronics training that Steve. R., Dale P. and I went through was probably far tougher than anything the Chinese repair technicians experienced. No stock loopstick has ever been safe in this environment-- they all get replaced sooner or later!

73, Gary

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