Video-- Subfreezing Wind Chill Rocks Rockwork 2

Gary DeBock

Paul Walker is indeed the Master of live FSL DXing in subzero temperatures, but the Rockwork cliff in Oregon has far more tricks up its sleeve to put Extreme DXers to the test! This video shows the highly exposed Rockwork 2 ocean cliff DXing setup on March 4th, with 30 mph wind gusts pushing the wind chill to around 25 degrees F. Although that might seem like like a tropical heat wave in McGrath, Alaska, the wind came very close to making "Frequent Flyers" out of the two 6 inch (15cm) FSL antennas, threatening to topple them and their 5 foot (1.52m) PVC bases onto the solid concrete. This was actually one of the more moderate weather days last week!  (4) Subfreezing Wind Chill Rocks Rockwork 2 - YouTube

73, Gary DeBock (back in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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