Re: Trans Tasman Logging - 11/02/2021

Paul Blundell

Thanks for that. I have a local station on 1584kHz so don't hear much on that.

On Sun, 7 Mar 2021, 18:35 vk2gel, <b748@...> wrote:
Well done Paul.

Recently I drove from Eden NSW to Moruya NSW and accidentally happened upon these 2 masts beside the road. According to ACMA this site is 2EC 765 kHz at Kalaru, serving Bega.

ACMA also lists 2EC has having a Tx on 1584 kHz at Narooma, just up the coast, but I couldn't find any antennas there upon inspection.

The music was great so please let me know if you can copy either of them.

Regards, Grant vk2gel.

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