Re: The Iberian Reto URL Long Term Project


Very detailed and useful loggings, Jorge.

As there is little AM in Europe now, I often listen for Spanish MW  at night :-)

The frequencies listed in your log are most useful.
Do you know of a nocturnal  MW frequency listing *with transmitter ERP* ?

That would highlight frequencies I might be able to hear after midnight.


¿Dónde has emprendido el inglès de una manera tan perfecta?

aka Michael UK

On 03/03/2021 19:51, Jorge Garzón via wrote:
Hi again,
Maybe details of this long-term project are not relevant for folks in Oz or overseas, but at least I would like to add some details our listening exercise in Spain and Portugal.
I work the IN83ag grid square in Cantabria (the northernmost red dot in the map). From there I monitored the entire MW band on 1st March at local cenit time.
Jorge Garzón Gutiérrez "IberiaDX" 

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