Re: From the 2021 Ultralight Radio Shootout-- XHDATA D-808 Full Review


Thanks for the great review, glad you highlighted the possible design plagiarism (I feel less guilty about owning the 808 since I also have the CC Crane original...). One thing I noticed is you wrote that your radio did not have squelch on Air Band; mine (bought about 18mo ago) actually does.
On my example:
Hardware: squelch available on all bands (including air);
Manual: states squelch only available on air.
A bug on my example is that this sequence leaves the backlight on even with the radio off and keyboard lock activated:
  1. Switch off (press and hold orange button);
  2. Allow light to go out then press light button - light goes on (will stay on - does not respond to momentary light button press);
  3. Press and hold INFO button to activate keyboard lock;
  4. Light stays on - does not go out after a delay.
The battery is large but obviously will eventually discharge in storage if you activate the KB lock and expect the light to go out after a delay, something to be aware of when travelling.
Thanks again for sharing the review!

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