State Based DXing Challenge - 2021

Paul Blundell

I would like to propose a medium wave radio dxing challenge to run for the rest of the year. This is not a competition and it is not about beating anybody else except yourself, it is a trust based challenge and the rules are not too complex.  I see it working along these lines.


- Each station I receive in each dxing session is scored based on the distance from my location to the transmitter; For Australian stations, I am scoring based on each state having a value as below:

Tasmania = 1

Victoria = 2

NSW = 3

Queensland = 4

South Australia = 3

West Australia = 4

Northern Territory = 4


- You also receive a bonus based on the location of your medium wave dxing session. If it is a new location then you double your total score. Again this is trust based as to what counts as a new location. I would say a 1km radius around each location would be a fair guide. This is to encourage portable / mobile operation.


- Each location can only be counted once in a 24 hour period and the double score bonus only counts the first time you log from each location.


- Full logs do not need to be kept, just a total for each session (with location) and a running total of your score. A simple spreadsheet can do this.


- Any and all equipment capable of receiving the medium wave broadcast band can be used.

If others would like to be a part of this, we could work out a scoring system for the USA and other areas.

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