Re: 02/17/21 logging.... I had to earn this one.

Paul Blundell

Well done and thanks for sharing.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 1:21 PM Alex via <> wrote:
Freq: 1560 KHz  STN C/S: WBGL  Location: Elm Grove, WI  DATE LOGGED: 02/17/21 TIME L / UTC: 1900-2011( L) 0000-0111 (UTC) LAN: EE SIGNAL:  Fair to VG   HEARD: UC Gospel mixed with QRM from at least 7 other stations. Verified station by syncing audio with web-stream audio. STN PWR: 2.5 kW D/ 250 w N / 700w CH.  LOG# 217  First logging on 1560 KHz frequency l AMP= 309 Mi ( 497  Km) ULR CAT: UNLIMITED  Equip:  Sony ICF-P26 / S-A-T


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