Re: NHK1/891khz-JOHK

Paul B. Walker, Jr.

I’ve heard way way way too many to list and I don’t keep a written/typed log.. just audio recordings with station name, frequency, fate/time heard. I don’t really want to sort through all of this. 


On Wed, Feb 17, 2021 at 7:50 AM K7DWI Art <k7dwicn82@...> wrote:
Hi Paul,
When you get a chance, list what Asian Outlets you have heard there so far this season.
Unfortunately I cancelled my Oregon Coast trip next week, but would like an idea what I might could hear off my mountain/hillside location.
I have a variety (more like an arsenal) of loops, including an Aichelman 4" FSL.
Art K7DWI So. Oregon

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