1560 WFME off-air

Paul S. in CT

I have been following the subject matter for about a week at WoR io group. Today the 50kW WFME on 1560kHz from New York City (Queens actually) went silent between 12Noon and 1PM EST (I don't have the exact time but have read it was actually about 1230PM). For DXer's in Eaxtern and Central US/Canada this opens up a new target frequency for the near future (at least until late spring). Tonite about 1/2 hr ago I logged WRIN from Indiana on Cr Hr power of 500W on the PL-330 using the USB selector.

WFME is a religious broadcaster that was granted a large sum of $$$$$$ for the antenna site in Queens, NY. I have heard estimates of between $30 and $50 million. For that price WFME can look around for a new site and maybe pocket some coin for the collection plate. So they will be off-air until the weather clears, and a new site found.

Happy DXing
Paul S. in CT FN31nl

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