Re: Portable FM Session - 13/02/2021 - Mt George Lookout

Paul Blundell

Thanks Jay.

Very interesting to hear the differences between our FM bands. We have a few low power stations down the bottom end for church groups, horse racing and the like.

On Tue, 16 Feb 2021, 01:16 radiojayallen, <radiojayallen@...> wrote:

Great photos! And very interesting as this shows a tremendous difference in FM saturation between your location and what we experience here in parts of the US. I moved from Connecticut to Kentucky last Spring and in both locations we find FM signals on just about every frequency on the dial. In fact one of the big challenges to home hobby FM broadcasting is finding a frequency clear enough to use. The only frequencies which don't have signals on them are adjacent to strong locals but even those frequencies often show sings of weak out of town signals. On a selective radio you can tune the band and hear something on each frequency, one after the other.

This is partly due to the proliferation of low power FM translators....FM allocations allocated to the owners of AM only stations to help them compete financially by having an FM voice...our FM band is completely crowded in many locations. Here selectivity rules on FM, and its lucky that modern DSP radios usually et you separate each frequency.


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