Re: Returning to the world of ULR DXing, what's on the approved list these days???

Gary DeBock

On Sun, Feb 14, 2021 at 10:17 AM, Jorge Garzón wrote:
Here in Europe we are not as used in North America or in Oz to listen to the radio with small pocket radios and most of the people has small portables but slightly bigger in size than ULRs. 
I told Gary that probably we could stamp on the award the portable model used, so we could repeat the Challenge in the future with another model. Here in Europe we use portable receivers as big as 30 squared inches and in fact the Challenge remain the same, as the limiting factors are the noise, the power stations and of course the propagation. So, trying to promote the hobby... Would have any problem to extend the portable size to 30 sq. inches? Or maybe we may add a new category to allow bigger portables up to 30 sq. inches, for instance?
Hello Jorge,

Thank you for your excellent comments!

Our Ultralight radio group has always tried to be as inclusive as possible, and we have always welcomed DXing reports with any size of portable, not just the "official" Ultralight-sized portables of 20 cubic inches or less. Your completion of the Ross DX Challenge with a Degen DE1103 is an outstanding achievement, and you should be proud of that accomplishment.

Actually, the only reasons we have the "official" Ultralight radio requirements is for the Awards Program and the Records List-- but since both the North American Awards Program and the Worldwide Records List have been inactive for some time, this distinction in the size of the portable radio hasn't really mattered for a long time.

The European DXers are welcome to use any size of portable for a European Awards program, although it would probably be best for the European DXers to refer to them as "portables" instead of "ultralights," since there are some portables (like the Panasonic RF-2200) that definitely are not "ultralight." We would feel very honored to have the European portable DXers remain as part of our group, and share resources, DXing tips and friendship with them. In my own personal DXing, I have used both the CC Skywave and the XHDATA D-808 as transoceanic DXing portables, despite the fact that the XHDATA D-808 is clearly over the 20 cubic inch size limit. The challenge of chasing DX is the same on both portables, and they can clearly work together for DXing success-- just like the North American Ultralight Radio DXers and the European Portable DXers!

73 y Buena Suerte,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
Ultralight Radio Group Co-Founder

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