Re: Returning to the world of ULR DXing, what's on the approved list these days???

Paul Blundell

I think we would need to look at the advantages of this and where we would draw the line. 

Gary's work on FSL's has changed the hobby, I don't know if allowing larger radios takes some of the point and purpose of the ultralight part away.

On Mon, 15 Feb 2021, 06:56 Michael.2E0IHW via, <> wrote:
Jorge, según yo, tienes razón en todo lo que dices...

I have been thinking for some time that it might be time for our uldx  clan to  widen its parameters.
longside a  uldx-defined tiny receiver,  a   (much larger, heavy, unaffordable-for-many)  FSL 
kinda queries the notion of "ultralight".

The Americas still have many AM broadcasters; in Europe few are left,  and more are closing down.

What think ye, brethren?

Michael UK

On 14/02/2021 18:17, Jorge Garzón via wrote:
I wanted to propose something that could give us, in my opinion, new ways for the hobby and maybe the group. I finished my 'Ross DX Challenge' with more than 400 stations heard (but 378 identified), >posted here: < but as I used my DEGEN DE1103 which is about 28 squared inches, 'technically' I do not deserve it. I did not have an ULR at the time being, and after that I got a couple of them and I am testing with them. Additionally we have been promoting the ULR DXing and the first FSL anteena is on the way, as you probably know.

Here in Europe we are not as used in North America or in Oz to listen to the radio with small pocket radios and most of the people has small portables but slightly bigger in size than ULRs. 

I told Gary that probably we could stamp on the award the portable model used, so we could repeat the Challenge in the future with another model. Here in Europe we use portable receivers as big as 30 squared inches and in fact the Challenge remain the same, as the limiting factors are the noise, the power stations and of course the propagation. So, trying to promote the hobby... Would have any problem to extend the portable size to 30 sq. inches? Or maybe we may add a new category to allow bigger portables up to 30 sq. inches, for instance?

On the other side I would like to help by translating the new coming 'ULR' list document into Spanish to spread their use and help to promote this outstanding side of DXing.

73 y saludos.


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