Re: Returning to the world of ULR DXing, what's on the approved list these days???

Paul Blundell


Welcome back :)

The list has not been updated in a while, provided it meets the requirements below, it counts 

Less than 20 cubic inches
Less than $100
A radio (not a toy with a radio built in)
Available on the new / used market.


On Sat, 13 Feb 2021, 14:24 Alex via, <> wrote:

Hello all,

I got a question for the collective. I was chasing DX with a old Sony SRF-39 that's giving up the ghost. Problem is the Sony has retired the SRF-59 and -47 joggers radios, and look like they are leaving AM/FM portables before too long.

   I tried to find the old ULR sites for a approved receiver list by the ULR committee, but struck out. Is their a 2020 /21 ULR accepted list???







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